Welcome to Stroke of Adventure!

Hello! And welcome to Stroke of Adventure. Stroke of Adventure is a travel related blog, Instagram and YouTube-channel (links in the top menu). Stroke of Adventure was founded with the purpose for me to share my adventures (both big and small), tips and other things related to travel. It is my vision about exploring the world and making my life an adventure. An introduction of me will be up shortly as well.

Traveling and photography is a big part of my life and I have had a dream for the longest of time to combine the two. And this is the result. Here I will try to gather my best travel photos, recommendations, tips, destinations and other useful travel related information. I hope you want to tag along exploring the world with me and follow my travels.

So take a seat and buckle up because in just a few days we’re heading of to our first destination…. *drum roll* Edinburgh, Scotland!

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