Visiting the Christmas Markets of Cologne

My trip to Cologne had two goals. The first one was to get some time off work and be able to work on my bachelor’s thesis in a different environment. The second one was as simple as the fact that I wanted to visit a Christmas market. My first goal led to that I did infact spend quite a lot of time working on my computer at the hostel but that was fine by me, you got to work hard to play hard right?

I arrived in Cologne late Friday morning. I was so excited for my first proper solo trip in a while. Last time I traveled alone was back in 2015 when I went to Paris by myself, but that time I met up with a friend during my trip. This time I was all alone. But being alone doesn’t scare me. I love being alone hence I decided to travel alone!

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Cologne Germany
This is where I spent a lot of time writing and working. In “The Livingroom” as the hostel staff called it. Perfect calm working area!

I stayed at Hostel Die Wohngemeinschaft (which I can’t even pronounce haha…). The hostel is located in the Belgian quarters of the city and in walking distance from the city centre. It took me about 15-20 mins to walk to the cathedral and even less to the main shopping street. I really liked this neighborhood because of the variety of restaurants and the fact that it wasn’t in the middle of the city.

Christmas Markets in Cologne

After working for a while in the hostel livingroom it was time to head out and explore Cologne! First mission: find a Christmas market. Finding a Christmas market in Cologne is not hard. Let me tell you that! The main ones I visited was the Cathedral Christmas Market, Heavenue and the Harbour Christmas Market. The one I liked the most was the one at the harbour! It was a bit smaller and not as crowded as the Cathedral Christmas Market.

Christmas Market Cologne Germany
There are Christmas markets everywhere in Cologne! This was another one I stumbled across whilst I was out exploring.

The Christmas market at the Cathedral is very beautiful but oh lord it is crowded. I stopped by for some hot chocolate and to buy a Christmas gift for my grandmother and it was nice! But then I left as fast as I came. The Harbour Christmas market was a lot nicer, less crowded and I felt that that the vendors there were unique and selling things that haven’t been done a hundred times already! So if you are looking for a quiet, cute market with great food and unique vendors you should aim for the harbour.

Traveling alone in Cologne and visit all the Christmas markets really got me in to the Christmas spirit. Traveling alone in Cologne is a great idea overall! I would say it’s the perfect sized city if you are new to solo traveling. It’s easy to get around and people are so nice! I can definitely recommend that you visit during Christmas time since there are a lot of things to do around that time of year.

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Christmas Cologne Germany
See! We even had a tiny bit of snow haha.

I can’t wait to go back to Germany again but maybe when it’s a bit warmer haha! And explore more cities in this beautiful country. I read loads of posts about Germany over at Sofias blog and I’m so excited now! I’ve been to Germany quite a few times as a child but I’ve not done any serious exploring there! It’s time for that now I think.


And then there was a tree

I don’t have the space to host a Christmas tree in my apartment so whilst I was already heading south I decided to stop by my family’s house! They have the space and always put up a tree around this time of year. 

This year we decided to have a real Christmas tree since we’ve used a plastic one for the last twenty years and I already love it! Yes, it was a bit painful to decorate and yes we (my family) will have vacuum around it almost every day but still! It’s so much more beautiful and unique than our plastic tree. Here it is in it’s full glory! And yes, we have a fake fireplace on our TV haha. Isn’t it beautiful?

Tomorrow morning I’m off to Cologne to visit their yearly Christmas market and to explore Germany some more. I’m very excited and I’ve also decided to vlog my trip as well so you can look forward to that! I’ve been to Germany quite a few times before but never to Cologne but it’s always fun to explore new cities. 

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