• Hotel Eggers Gothenburg Göteborg
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    Hotel Eggers Gothenburg: Review

    All opinions are my own, this post it not sponsored by Hotel Eggers or anyone else. Walking through the doors and checking in to one of Swedens oldest hotels is a pretty impressive feeling. I’m not going to lie. When I’m booking somewhere to stay I’m looking for an experience, not just a place to sleep. And if you are the same; Hotel Eggers is perfect for you. The Room We checked in to room 392 at Hotel Eggers and were greeted with such a calm and lovely feeling. Dark walls and a green velvet bed frame is something I never would have picked out myself but something I did…

  • Hotel Eggers Gothenburg
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    Gothenburg Travel Diary: Day 1

    My weekend in Gothenburg is sadly already over and I’m currently back home to my reality. Gothenburg treated me and Sandra very well and I already want to go back. We arrived in Gothenburg on Friday afternoon and walked straight to our hotel which was Hotel Eggers. We wanted an experience and not just feeling like our hotel was the place we went to just for sleeping. And Hotel Eggers delivered! What an experience! A hotel review will be up shortly because it deserves its own post. After we checked in to our amazing room we headed out on the town as the kids say. We went to meet up with fellow…

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    Things To Know Before You Visit Sweden

    IKEA, Abba, Spotify and northern lights are usually things that come to mind when you’re thinking about Sweden. But it is so much more than that and traveling to this beautiful country should be on your bucket list by now! Sweden has a population of about 10 million inhabitants and is a very long, skinny country, this is very important to remember for later. Sweden offers beautiful nature, interesting history and a variety of foods but there are some things you should know before visiting this interesting Scandinavian country. At one of my favorite places down south; Kullaberg. Getting around in Sweden Whilst visiting getting around is easy. Sweden has a…

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    My Favourite Place

    Welcome to one of my favourite places on Earth; Kullaberg! I went there last night with my cousin Sandra and best friend Louise. Louise just got back from a almost 5 month backpacking-trip in Australia and Asia so it’s nice to hang out again, I’ve missed her so much! So yesterday we drove all the way up to Kullaberg to watch the sunset and it was absolutely gorgeous. We did two little hikes, one down to the small lighthouse and one to a cave a bit further away. We didn’t climb down to the cave because it was freakishly cold and muddy so we stayed at the top to watch…

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    Byrums raukar, Öland

    Hi! I actually left my apartment for something other than going to work och going to the vet (my cat broke a toe haha!) this week. I hopped into my car and drove over to Öland which is an island on the east coast of Sweden. I’m very fourtunate to live 5 mins away from the crossing bridge but I can count the times I visited on one hand. So when they called from work and asked if I wanted to take a day off I said HELL YES! And planned an adventure. My plan was to drive up to Byrums Raukar and hike and take some photos. Raukar is a Swedish…