Why I’ve been gone

Hi again! Long time no see… I’ve been gone for the last couple of months and I thought it was finally time to explain why. Let’s take this back to winter last year. I was in Kalmar trying to finishing up my Bachelor’s thesis, which was extremely exhausting since I was working a lot and trying to run this blog at the same time. But I had in mind that I could fight trough it.

In early December I got a call from my mother that I had to come home. My aunt had been ill with cancer for a few years and it looked like she would not make it. I drove three hours home and visited her in hospital. Sadly I had to leave a few days later to go back to Kalmar for school and work. On December 23 I got a call finding out that she had passed away. My world fell apart. My aunt had no children of her own so me and my brother has spent a lot of time with her as kids. All of a sudden she left us and I didn’t know what to do. I stopped writing on my Bachelor’s thesis, didn’t go to work and just slept trough my days. One of the hardest part about death is all the things surrounding it; emptying her apartment, going trough all her stuff, funeral planning etc. I just left everything in my daily life to focus on this and to grief.

Time went on and I thought I was fine. I picked up my life and moved from Kalmar back home to my hometown. I got transferred at work to a location closer to home and decided to finish my studies from a distance. Since moving I’ve not really felt like myself. I’ve been working my ass off at work and procrastinating my studying. Somewhere along the road I’ve lost myself for the last six months. I don’t feel like traveling, hanging out with my friends, cooking, cleaning or anything that was easy and routine for me before. The last few months I’ve spent at home and in my apartment. I go to work in the morning and come home late at night and go right to bed. I sleep a lot but I’m still always tired. So in the midst of all this I just kind of forgot about Stroke of Adventure. I love this blog and the community on it’s social media channels but I just didn’t have the energy to manage it. I feel like it’s getting better though. The last few months I haven’t responded to emails, logged in to my instagram account once or logged in to my blog. But the last few weeks I’ve been creeping on you all on Instagram again haha! I don’t know what to post or when I will post again, I need to feel better first. But I wanted to let you know what has been going on and tell you that I’ll be back as soon as possible since I miss communicating with you all!

Lots of love,


And then there was a tree

I don’t have the space to host a Christmas tree in my apartment so whilst I was already heading south I decided to stop by my family’s house! They have the space and always put up a tree around this time of year. 

This year we decided to have a real Christmas tree since we’ve used a plastic one for the last twenty years and I already love it! Yes, it was a bit painful to decorate and yes we (my family) will have vacuum around it almost every day but still! It’s so much more beautiful and unique than our plastic tree. Here it is in it’s full glory! And yes, we have a fake fireplace on our TV haha. Isn’t it beautiful?

Tomorrow morning I’m off to Cologne to visit their yearly Christmas market and to explore Germany some more. I’m very excited and I’ve also decided to vlog my trip as well so you can look forward to that! I’ve been to Germany quite a few times before but never to Cologne but it’s always fun to explore new cities. 


You Can Buy My Prints!

I’ve been thinking about selling my photographs as prints for a while but I was not sure on how to do it. I just shut down my own business and I’m not ready to start another one. But then last night I listened to the We Are Influencers-podcast with Rania Rönntoft and she talked about that she was selling her prints through Printler. So I had to check it out. I have now signed up and uploaded three prints so far. So far I’m very happy with Printler and how it works.

Kullaberg available here.

Autumn Leaf available here.

These are two of the three prints I’ve currently uploaded to Printler. If you want to see the last one; head over to my Printler-store by clicking here. I’m so excited to finally be able to share my art with you all. I hope you will like my prints and if you find one that you really like you can support me by buying it. I will upload more prints soon so stay tuned.


Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s my birthday! Can’t believe that I’m 21 years old now. I feel older but at the same time younger than my age. When I’m at work I blend in with my colleagues I feel older but when I’m at school feeling like I don’t understand a thing, I feel very young haha!

I also feel old when I think about all the things I’ve done in my life. That I’ve already managed to do a lot of things for being so young. I’ve traveled many places, lived abroad and I’ve moved away from home to study in a city I had never visit before. I feel proud when I think about all the things I’ve done.

To celebrate my birthday I’m traveling to Gothenburg in just two days with my cousin! We are staying Friday to Sunday and I can’t wait to share my trip with you guys.

See you in a couple of days when we’ve checked in to our hotel!


I Tried Going Plastic Free for 30 Days

In July I challenged myself to be a better person. After watching the Netflix-documentary ‘Chasing Coral’ I was devastated. The ocean and the corals are slowly dying. I wrote a long emotional post on my Instagram which you can find here and decided that I would try to be a better person for the ocean by going plastic free for a month. It was quite the challenge and it has definitely changed my opinion on plastic and I can honestly say that I’ve cut my consumption if not in half then at least a LOT.

Of course I thought it was a good idea to film the entire process and make it into a vlog. So this is what I’m presenting to you now. The first part of my plastic free challenge. Part two will come soon so don’t worry!


The challenge was to cut plastic completely out of my life but I’m not going to lie. I failed. It was so hard! It was much harder than I expected it to be but at the same time I realised that I use less plastic then I think. But it’s the standard things that gets you; shampoo, conditioner, lunch boxes and STRAWS. But I still think I managed pretty well and the most important thing is that I don’t feel discouraged. Instead I’m motivated to keep on going. To slowly become a better person and constantly improve for the climate. So that my future children and their children can experience the same beautiful world as I do.

Have you tried using less plastic? Did you find it hard? I want to know your stories in the comments below! And it would also be nice if you watched the video and told me your thoughts about it and the challenge. Maybe you will try it out for yourself!



Covered in snow

Sweden is a mess at the moment, there’s no denying it. Every year the north of Sweden and only the north get a lot of snow. But this year, HOLY MOLY, the entire country is covered in snow. I haven’t been able to leave my apartment since Monday because of roads being closed down and car accidents everywhere. It’s recommended right now that we stay inside and do not get out in traffic if we don’t absolutely have to. My classes this week has been postponed so here I am. For those of you that are following me on INSTAGRAM, you might have seen my stories. On Tuesday we were supposed to drive over to the island of Öland to finish up on a group project for the course I’m taking at the moment. But as I shared on my story, my car was stuck in the snow and I couldn’t get it out. Not until later that night some relatives came over with a shovel and we had to dig my car out. Today I’m gonna try to get myself out of the apartment if the snow and wind calms down a bit. I’m tired of sitting in my couch the entire day. So hopefully it calms down a bit today!
Since I took this photo there has been even more snow. When I tried to get to my car on Tuesday morning there was snow up to my knees so there’s at least 50cm of snow now and it just keeps on coming. Hopefully I can head out today and take some new photos of the snow, beacuse it is truly beautiful!

Next up: Poland!

I’ve spent the last few days down south visiting my parents and as I told you in THIS blog post we were planning to roadtrip trough Denmark for my mums 50th birthday BUT change of plans! We are going to Poland instead! And I’m very excited since that’s a country I’ve never visited before. We are not traveling until April but I can’t wait! We are going to Gdańsk in the north of Poland and we are staying for three nights and I will definitely do a review of the hotel.
I don’t know much about Gdańsk so had to browse the web for a bit to gather some information. So here’s some fast info:
  • Gdańsk is the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.
  • Gdańsk has a population of 460,000+.
  • The city used to be a part of Germany.
  • The St. Mary’s Cathedral in Gdansk is the largest brick church in Europe, with a capacity of 25,000 people.
Just like I did before my trip to EDINBURGH I will write a post about our plans and my expectations so if you’ve ever been to Gdansk and know where to eat, what places to visit and so on, PLEASE tell me in the comments since as of right now we have zero plans and neither of us have ever been to Poland before!
The only thing I knew before hand about Poland is that food and drinks are very cheap and you can get a really nice meal for almost nothing. I don’t know how true that is, I guess I’ll have to wait and see! Gdańsk has in recent years become a popular tourist destination so that will probably affect the prices there but I do not doubt that it still will be cheaper than in Sweden, which is my home country. I’m really looking forward to discovering this gorgeous city with my family so stay tuned until April and follow along!
As I wrote earlier; if you have any recommendations please hit me up in the comments or in INSTAGRAM DM‘s!

Current plans

I’ve had a VERY hectic last week in my student life. I’ve decided to drop some courses and today I was finally accepted to some other courses. It’s all very complicated and I’m not going to rant about it too much. Something that is way more exciting is that my part of Sweden suddenly turned in to winter wonderland over a night! There’s snow EVERYWHERE! Which made me realise that I don’t own any winter boots so I strolled around in my sneakers the entire day and my toes were literally wet from the moment I left my apartment until I got back home. I also managed to squeeze in a visit to IKEA (being as Swedish as I can…). But that’s not the meaning of this post! I want to talk about my current travel plans!
So far I have no plans for the rest of January or for February but in March and April there will be some travel. My friend Olivia and I are planning to go to Brussels in March. Have any of you been there? None of us has been there before so we really want to go! Olivia is not only a good friend but also an experienced traveller. She just got home from a two month backpacking trip through Australia. I might be able to convince her to write a guest post about thathaha!
After our potential trip to Brussel in March it’s time for my mothers 50th birthday in April and she really wants to go somewhere to celebrate. Right now we are thinking about roadtripping to Denmark but we’ve also discussed Germany, Italy and some other countries in Europe. She’s the one to make the final decision so we’ll have to wait and see haha.
Do you have any current travel plans? Or something else planned? Tell me in the comments!
Last year my family went roadtripping twice in Sweden. Would really like to do Denmark this year!

My goals for 2018

And just like that 2017 is over and a new year has started. This means that its time to set up some goals for 2018. I’m not usually one for setting goals but I really want to try it out this year. So I’ve come up with three major goals for this coming year.

Climb a mountain

This is my biggest goal for this year. Me and a group of family/friends is planning to climb Kebnekaise, which is the highest mountain in Sweden. It’s 2096 metres above sea levels so it’s not a walk in the park. This will take some serious dedication and exercise to be able to reach the top and I can admit that I’m not really in the best shape of my life right now and will have to work out more regularly if this is going to be possible. I love hiking and doing something like this has been a dream for a long time! The climb is currently planned to take place in the late summer of 2018.

Focus on Stroke of Adventure

Most of you have no idea, but SOA was actually founded on Jan 4, 2017 which is more than a year ago. The plan was to start this blog back then but life (more about this later) came in the way. So therefore I really want to give this blog, YT-channel and its social media all of my attention (that’s left after working and studying at uni haha…) to make it into the blog and community it was meant to be! I really want to build the brand Stroke of Adventure and continue working with it. And maybe earn a couple of bucks so I can afford to travel and share my adventures? One can only dream haha.

Travel more

To keep this blog running and to have adventures to share I have to go on adventures. And when I say travel more I mean both big and small travels. Both in Sweden and outside Sweden. I want to explore as much as possible and hope to do so this year. I hope to save up enough money this year to be able to travel to Canada either this fall or in spring 2019. I want to travel more in the region I live in and explore the northern parts of Sweden. I do feel like it’s possible to travel this year and I hope it turns out that way.
What are your goals for 2018? Do you have anything special planned? Tell me in the comments!
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