And then there was a tree

I don’t have the space to host a Christmas tree in my apartment so whilst I was already heading south I decided to stop by my family’s house! They have the space and always put up a tree around this time of year. 

This year we decided to have a real Christmas tree since we’ve used a plastic one for the last twenty years and I already love it! Yes, it was a bit painful to decorate and yes we (my family) will have vacuum around it almost every day but still! It’s so much more beautiful and unique than our plastic tree. Here it is in it’s full glory! And yes, we have a fake fireplace on our TV haha. Isn’t it beautiful?

Tomorrow morning I’m off to Cologne to visit their yearly Christmas market and to explore Germany some more. I’m very excited and I’ve also decided to vlog my trip as well so you can look forward to that! I’ve been to Germany quite a few times before but never to Cologne but it’s always fun to explore new cities. 

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