Hotel Eggers Gothenburg Europe

Gothenburg Travel Diary: Day 1

My weekend in Gothenburg is sadly already over and I’m currently back home to my reality. Gothenburg treated me and Sandra very well and I already want to go back. We arrived in Gothenburg on Friday afternoon and walked straight to our hotel which was Hotel Eggers. We wanted an experience and not just feeling like our hotel was the place we went to just for sleeping. And Hotel Eggers delivered! What an experience! A hotel review will be up shortly because it deserves its own post.

Hotel Eggers Gothenburg

After we checked in to our amazing room we headed out on the town as the kids say. We went to meet up with fellow travel influencer Isabelle aka ThatSwedishTraveller for some pizza and beer at Brewers Beer Bar. Neither me or Sandra are big fans of beer so I had a glass of rosé wine and she had a cider. We ordered sourdough pizza and it was sooooo good! I’m not even exaggerating it was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. Mine was with cauliflower-sauce as a base instead of tomato sauce and then topped with four kinds of cheese, spinach, pea sprouts and garlic sauce. Sandra had one with some sort of ham, cheese and fresh tomato I think. Let’s just say that we were not disappointed.

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Brewers Beer Bar Gothenburg

After our pizzas we headed to another pub to drink beer (cider for us weaklings). The plan was to have something to drink then head to an outdoor concert with Isabelle and her friend Amanda. But you know, we are rookies in Gothenburg. Gothenburg has a rumor about it that it always rains. We looked at the weather reports before hand and didn’t see any rain on the forecast so we didn’t bring raincoats. ROOKIE MISTAKE. It rained. The entire evening and night. So we decided to skip the concert and head back to the hotel for an early night. Sandra is my cousin and best friend and since we live so far away from each other we rarely get to hang out. So it was so nice just to hang out in our beautiful room and talk for the rest of the evening.

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