Mikaeli Marknad at Fredriksdal

Yesterday we visited Mikaeli Marknad (the Mikaeli Market) at Fredriksdal in Helsingborg. Every year in the end of September the market is hosted at the beautiful Fredriksdal. We didn’t go last year so it was nice to finally visit again. Fredriksdal is an open air museum and botanical garden in Helsingborg, Sweden. Visiting the Mikaeli Marknad is like traveling several years back in time.

Mikaeli Marknad Fredriksdal Helsingborg

As usual the market was filled with people and vendors. The vendors at Mikaeli Marknad sell locally produced produce such as spices, honey, flowers and root vegetables etc. This year we bought some spices, sea buckthorn-shots (non-alcoholic haha! It’s the kind you drink in the morning to keep you healthy.) and some food to eat whilst visiting.

Mikaeli Marknad Fredriksdal Helsingborg Mikaeli Marknad Fredriksdal Helsingborg

Mikaeli Marknad is a rather big event and last year there was about 10,000 visitors! This year there must have been at least as many. Even though it was a bit cold we sucked it up and had a great time anyway.

We had a great time and I can’t wait until next years market. Do you have any markets like this in your hometown? Tell me about it in the comments! Tomorrow I’m going to Copenhagen to meet up with Belinda, a fellow blogger and childhood friend. Can’t wait to finally meet up with her again!

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