Rhodes: Top 3

I went to Greece. Again. This time to Rhodes. I just can’t help myself haha! I’m currently compiling a video of our trip to Rhodes but whilst you’re waiting I thought it would be fun to read about the highlights of my trip.

Snorkeling in St Paul’s Bay

This place was insane! And if you like snorkeling this is a must. Just past Lindos is this beautiful bay with a beach and some great snorkeling. I would argue that this was the best place we visited on Rhodes. We parked our car on the parking lot you can see just above the bay and then walked over to the beach in the bottom of the picture. Then we snorkeled out and around the cliffs separating the bay from the ocean. There were plenty of fish and the water was crystal clear! This is a must when I get the chance to visit Rhodes again.

St Pauls Bay, Rhodes is great for snorkelers and families.

Butterfly Valley, Rhodes

The butterfly valley is beautiful. We drove there and I imagine that it’s the best way of getting there. It’s about a 40 min drive from Rhodos town but definitely worth it. It is such a different place that the rest of the island and it almost felt like being back in Sweden haha. I recommend that you walk trough the valley and all the way up to the monastery on top of the hill. It has a great view! You should also come right when they open the valley since it’s crowded later in the day. The “boring” part of the valley is that there is only one type of butterfly but to me it does not matter since there are SO many of them!

Butterfly Valley is only a 40 min drive from Rhodes town.

Watching the sunset over Mandraki Harbour

The most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen.

This was insane my friends. Watching the sun set over Mandraki Harbour is a must. We were blessed with the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen. Everything was pink and orange. We ended the night with watching the blood moon (how cool?!) from the harbour, which is a once in a lifetime experience. But I can assure you, that the sunset is beautiful, blood moon or not haha!

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