My goals for 2018

And just like that 2017 is over and a new year has started. This means that its time to set up some goals for 2018. I’m not usually one for setting goals but I really want to try it out this year. So I’ve come up with three major goals for this coming year.

Climb a mountain

This is my biggest goal for this year. Me and a group of family/friends is planning to climb Kebnekaise, which is the highest mountain in Sweden. It’s 2096 metres above sea levels so it’s not a walk in the park. This will take some serious dedication and exercise to be able to reach the top and I can admit that I’m not really in the best shape of my life right now and will have to work out more regularly if this is going to be possible. I love hiking and doing something like this has been a dream for a long time! The climb is currently planned to take place in the late summer of 2018.

Focus on Stroke of Adventure

Most of you have no idea, but SOA was actually founded on Jan 4, 2017 which is more than a year ago. The plan was to start this blog back then but life (more about this later) came in the way. So therefore I really want to give this blog, YT-channel and its social media all of my attention (that’s left after working and studying at uni haha…) to make it into the blog and community it was meant to be! I really want to build the brand Stroke of Adventure and continue working with it. And maybe earn a couple of bucks so I can afford to travel and share my adventures? One can only dream haha.

Travel more

To keep this blog running and to have adventures to share I have to go on adventures. And when I say travel more I mean both big and small travels. Both in Sweden and outside Sweden. I want to explore as much as possible and hope to do so this year. I hope to save up enough money this year to be able to travel to Canada either this fall or in spring 2019. I want to travel more in the region I live in and explore the northern parts of Sweden. I do feel like it’s possible to travel this year and I hope it turns out that way.
What are your goals for 2018? Do you have anything special planned? Tell me in the comments!

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