Why I’ve been gone

Hi again! Long time no see… I’ve been gone for the last couple of months and I thought it was finally time to explain why. Let’s take this back to winter last year. I was in Kalmar trying to finishing up my Bachelor’s thesis, which was extremely exhausting since I was working a lot and trying to run this blog at the same time. But I had in mind that I could fight trough it.

In early December I got a call from my mother that I had to come home. My aunt had been ill with cancer for a few years and it looked like she would not make it. I drove three hours home and visited her in hospital. Sadly I had to leave a few days later to go back to Kalmar for school and work. On December 23 I got a call finding out that she had passed away. My world fell apart. My aunt had no children of her own so me and my brother has spent a lot of time with her as kids. All of a sudden she left us and I didn’t know what to do. I stopped writing on my Bachelor’s thesis, didn’t go to work and just slept trough my days. One of the hardest part about death is all the things surrounding it; emptying her apartment, going trough all her stuff, funeral planning etc. I just left everything in my daily life to focus on this and to grief.

Time went on and I thought I was fine. I picked up my life and moved from Kalmar back home to my hometown. I got transferred at work to a location closer to home and decided to finish my studies from a distance. Since moving I’ve not really felt like myself. I’ve been working my ass off at work and procrastinating my studying. Somewhere along the road I’ve lost myself for the last six months. I don’t feel like traveling, hanging out with my friends, cooking, cleaning or anything that was easy and routine for me before. The last few months I’ve spent at home and in my apartment. I go to work in the morning and come home late at night and go right to bed. I sleep a lot but I’m still always tired. So in the midst of all this I just kind of forgot about Stroke of Adventure. I love this blog and the community on it’s social media channels but I just didn’t have the energy to manage it. I feel like it’s getting better though. The last few months I haven’t responded to emails, logged in to my instagram account once or logged in to my blog. But the last few weeks I’ve been creeping on you all on Instagram again haha! I don’t know what to post or when I will post again, I need to feel better first. But I wanted to let you know what has been going on and tell you that I’ll be back as soon as possible since I miss communicating with you all!

Lots of love,

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