Travel mistakes to avoid

Many of us love to travel and when we decide to do so mistakes are unavoidable. I’ve made mistakes and propaply you too. So here are some travel mistakes you should try to avoid!

Planning too much

Trying to plan out your entire trip is tempting since nowadays you can get so many tips and recommendations online. But be careful not to plan too much, usually the best and most memorable moments are spontaneus and not planned in advance. So try not to plan and follow the guide book too much. Plan in moderation and then explore the location more when you get there. Ask locals for recommendations or just walk around and try to find your own hidden gems!


I’ve not always been a light packer but oh boy has it saved many of my travels! On recent trips I made an effort to just bring a carry-on bag and a backpack since that’s usually all I need. Of course if I’m going on a longer trip than just a week or a couple of days I would probably bring a check-in bag but I try to avoid it for as long as I can. Whilst packing I try to do some research on the weather so I don’t pack clothes I won’t be using. I try to bring as little as possible and in case I run out of clothes I can always do some washing up at the hostel or where ever I’m staying.

Experiencing your trip through your camera

Sometimes you just need to put your camera away and actually experience your travels. This has been very hard for me especially since I am a photographer but the older I got I realised that photos to show everyone back home or to post on Instagram isn’t everything. So put your camera down and explore some more! Also, don’t forget to back-up the photos you actually take! You’ll be devastated if you loose all you pictures…

Forgetting to check your passport

You probably already made sure that your passport hasn’t expired BUT you must be aware of that some countries require that passports must be valid for six months past the date of your flight home, and 26 European nations require that passports must be valid for three months past. So check your passport once again to make sure you’ll be fine!

Following everyone else

If you’re traveling with someone or in a group there will always be discussions about what to do. Some might want to go shopping whilst some of the group might want to visit a local museum. Don’t follow everyone else, split up for the day and do what makes YOU happy and do want you want to do or you’ll regret it when you get back home. There’s nothing wrong with having different interests and wanting to see and experience different things or parts of a location but make sure you get what you want out of YOUR trip.

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