Traveling on a budget

It’s not a secret that I love traveling! But, I’m also a student which equals not very much money to travel for. However I still manage to squeeze in some traveling now and then. Here I present to you: traveling on a budget and how to do it!

I’m going to start off by saying that if you want to travel cheap you need to be flexible both on date, flight time and luggage etc. It’s usually cheaper to travel in the middle of the week and very early in the morning/late in the evening so look for that. However don’t be fooled, it’s easy to google ”cheap flights to …” and find a super cheap ticket to your destination but usually with these cheap airlines they will charge you for everything else.

Want to check in a bag? They will charge you for it. Want some food on your 8h flight? They will charge you for it. And don’t forget about all the different taxes they add in the end. They price you clicked on in the beginning is no longer as cheap… So don’t just look for the cheapest option available, do some digging. And when you’re done digging, clear your browser history and cookies! Why? The internet is not stupid, the websites remember (they collect what’s called cookies) where and when you want to travel so they will up the price since they know you’re probably gonna buy it anyway.

Another tip is to sign up to email-lists for several airlines, then you will get notified if they are traveling to a specific destination extra cheap or if they are having a sale!

The transport part is almost always the most expensive part but now when thats dealt with lets move on. During your stay is where you really can cut some expenses and be fine with a small budget. For accommodation there are several options: you can have all meals, some meals or no meals at the hotel/hostel/apartment. What I usually do is either book a hotel/hostel with breakfast included or no meals included. This will save some money but you will still have to eat. Since I’m a extremely picky eater (sad but true) and vegetarian I prefer cooking my own meals and occasionally eat at a restaurant to try the local food! Cooking my own meals have saved me quite a bit of money actually so I can afford to do other fun things!

Walking! It’s not only a great way to experience a destination it is also FREE. You can save a lot of money by walking instead of taking a taxi, Uber or using the local transportation systems. But if you’re going somewhere far away save some time and energy and use the local transportation, it’s usually the cheapest!


Tourist attractions (museums etc.) can sometimes be expensive so if you know before hand that there is something you really want to visit try to book it in advance. It can sometimes be cheaper to book your ticket/entrance online in advance instead of buying it at the door. This can save you some money!

They key to traveling on a budget is planning, planning and planning. Have a budget each day and do not exceed it. Cut out unnecessary expenses like buying coffee out everyday, you can usually make coffee in your hotel/hostel room, or like buying other people gifts. Buying gifts for people at home is something I struggle with not doing haha. I like to give presents and gifts so therefor I usually buy something when I’m traveling but it’s totally not necessary. Look at your habits and try to cut out unnecessary spending and your money will last a lot longer!

Look at me not following my own advice…

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